Presto Plastic Lontong Recipe Anti-fail Simple Special Original Delicious. Plastic lontong here does not mean plastic rice, but lontong made from short grain rice using heat-resistant plastic packaging wrap to wrap rice into soft, tender, dense and chewy lontong, smooth white, gas efficient and economical, rice efficient and durable, not fast stale and dry. In addition, you can cook rice cake with method 5.30.7 to save gas or save gas. If you want to save gas, you can use magicom or an electric stove.

Resep Lontong Plastik Presto Anti gagal Sederhana Spesial Asli Enak CARA MEMBUAT LONTONG PLASTIK ANTI GAGALEid chicken opor recipe to replace Eid ketupat on a holy and special day for Muslims, namely Eid Al-Fitr Eid, Eid Al-Adha Eid Hajj or Hari Raya Sacrifice is very suitable combined with beef opor, goat curry, for selling vegetable lontong recipes , Lontong Curry, Lontong Padang recipe, and also suitable for everyday food.
How to make plastic lontong the steps are easy, practical and simple, if you are used to working in the kitchen, the important anti-fail tips are choosing rice that is suitable for making dense, soft and tender lontong in addition to the right amount of rice in a plastic bag. Usually the amount of rice is 3/4 of the height of the plastic to get a dense lontong, not mushy and not spoiling quickly, if the lontong is watery or runny, it usually goes stale quickly.

How to cook plastic lontong without leaves, you can use modern rice cooker or magic com, or boil it the traditional way using an ordinary pan using a gas stove or using a pressure cooker or oil stove, you can even use firewood, coal briquettes, or charcoal though. .

Oh, yes, for tips and tricks to make a presto plastic rice cake recipe using a pressure cooker, there is a separate technique. The advantages and disadvantages of presto plastic rice cakes are faster, save energy and time and the results are smooth, due to high pressure. If cooking use a regular pot which lasts about 3-4 hours. Cooking lontong with a pressure cooker only takes a minute, only 1/2 hour, it is cooked in a small amount, if it is a bit much, it takes about 1 hour to make lontong. In order for the lontong after it is cooked to look set and rough, dense and taste more chewy, you can add whiting water (about 1 tablespoon) into the boiled water of lontong. You can also give pandan leaves so that the lontong smells fragrant. But it all depends on your taste, in fact I prefer banana leaf rice cake. If for health reasons do not use whiting. Alright, let's just start making our own anti-fail plastic rice cake. The following is a collection of secrets of various creations and variations of processed plastic rice cooker recipes, magicom, special delicious dishes complete with how to make your own at home (Homemade) step by step anti-failure that is simple, easy and practical for own consumption or for selling various business business ideas. rice cake and ketupat for restaurants and cafe-style restaurants, fast food restaurants for breakfast and snacks.


How to Make Ketupat

  1. Wash the rice until clean.
  2. Put it in heat-resistant plastic as much as 3/4 of the height of the plastic/banana leaf, pin the top end using a stapler until tightly.
  3. Prick the plastic in several places using a stick.
  4. Fill the pot with water until almost full (3/4 of the height of the pot) and bring to a boil
  5. When the water is boiling, add the rice, cook for 50 minutes or when the rice has risen.
  6. Remove and cool.
  7. Lontong should be cut when it is really cold and solid.

Health experts say lontong plastic or plastic wrap lontong is harmful to health if consumed in the long term. This is a fast food lontong from Ms. Henie Suryana that we tried in the kitchen how to make a recipe, Alhamdulillah finally it worked, if you need to quickly eat lontong to eat with chicken opor, or soto or make ketoprak, just make this lontong without the hassle and hassle, Mother. Make lontong only with a rice cooker or use magicom. Cooking time is only about 1 hour. Here's a practical lontong recipe like a boarding house kid.


  • Original recipe rice 3:1. 3 cups of water for 1 cup of rice. If I often use 3 cups of rice, 9 water + 1 to make it softer, so 10 cups of water. The rice must be silver rice, because it is not fluffier.
  1. Cook the rice in the rice cooker or magicom as usual. After it is cooked, (cook lights switch to warm), let it sit for 10 minutes, then remove the rice into a container, you can use tupperware or other container, press it down with a rice ladle or spoon, press until all the rice is used up. Let it cool, after it cools cut into pieces.
  2. Lontong is ready to be served with chicken opor.
The results of the lontong are delicious and quite chewy and have a soft and tender texture of course, and what is clear, is that it is healthier because it is without preservatives, borax and is not complicated than if we boil it with plastic.


In the case of woven coconut leaves, during heating, water can enter the cavity easily through the woven joints. For diamond casings made of plastic, so that water can enter, the plastic wall must be perforated by pricking it in several parts.

It seems that in terms of taste, the rice ketupat made from plastic sleeves is also not much different, but if you examine it further, there are actually certain risks due to the use of this plastic. Plastic wraps are usually made from polymers of the polyethylene or polypropylene type. When exposed to heat for a relatively long time, plastic additives will be released from the material. If in the process of making this ketupat, of course the release of these chemicals will come out into the cooking water and it is very likely to be absorbed and left as a residue in the grains of rice ketupat. There are several types of pollutant materials that are carcinogenic, so if you eat diamonds, these chemicals will also accumulate in the body. This should be avoided as far as possible.

Moving on from the thought of the occurrence of the risk above, we as consumers of ketupat should always be vigilant. If you are afraid of the dangers of plastic rice cake because it uses plastic wrap, you can replace it with banana leaf rice cake wrapped in banana leaves, I think it is safe for health and smells better and smells good or use coconut leaf ketupat.
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